UX Design.

Striking graphics are essential for your website. But it’s important that your graphics help the user move through the customer journey seamlessly.



User experience (UX) design ensures your customers know how to navigate your site, consume content and engage in the intended way. bolt develops effective UX design that’s intuitive, clear and easy to follow. If users can find exactly what they want and when they want it, you’ll receive higher retention rates and satisfied customers. By understanding your target user, bolt tailor the visual, interactional and content design of your website to your audience.

While UI design is about function and usability, UX design focuses on enjoyment and pleasure. The designers at bolt understand your brand identity and create elements that your audience find fun and appealing to look at whilst using your website. We take the why, what and how of UX design to develop an experience that’s user-centric. We believe UX design can always be improved. The bolt team regularly look at how your website is performing and where your users are experiencing difficulties. These data insights enable us to add new design and development features that ensure the user can complete their goal efficiently.