Social Media.

Your digital marketing strategy isn’t complete without social media. Next to your website, your social channels are the first thing your audience uses to evaluate your brand.



It’s a great way to reach millions of people and spread your message worldwide. Here at bolt, we understand who your target audience is, which channels they use and which content they engage with. We take an in-depth look at your competitors and market to find a key position of differentiation that your audience will resonate with. This way, we know which content and creative will or won’t work for your brand’s social media.

The bolt team ensures your social media strategy is an extension of your digital presence. Your audience should move seamlessly between your website and social channels to ensure your customer experience is consistent. We take care of everything including research, graphics, video, messaging, management and analysis. We create scroll-stopping designs that your audience will love. Enhanced by content and tone of voice, your posts will resonate with the audience and successfully deliver your message. We use real data based on the engagement and interaction on your posts to always improve the content you publish.