Graphic Design.

In its simplest form, graphic design means visual communication. It’s an engaging technique that spreads your brand message aesthetically.



When paired with the written word, graphic design has the power to take your marketing strategy to the next level. bolt uses typography, colour and symbols to captivate audiences and persuade them to complete a goal. Whether you want to increase sign-ups, engagement or downloads, our graphic design guides your users seamlessly. Small design choices like icons and symbols can emote feelings that heighten your message. If your goal is to increase sales, leaving feedback or reading your blog, our engaging graphics could be the difference between a customer choosing your brand over a competitor.

Graphics are essential when creating a first impression that lasts. A social media image, blog post infographic or display advert may be the first communication a customer has with your brand. Using marketplace and target audience analysis, the bolt team ensures your graphics match your brand identity and business offering. If you’re a corporate, financial business with whimsical colours and imagery, your prospects will notice the disconnect. Knowing the goal you want to achieve, we develop relevant, emotive and thought-provoking creative to match.