We receive hundreds of emails to our inboxes every day, so how do you make your business stand out from the rest? Email marketing is another arm of your digital marketing strategy.



It’s a vital tool that delivers content directly in front of your audience. bolt develops detailed email marketing strategies that encompass each touchpoint along your customer journey. Our team creates an email funnel that outlines each communication your subscribers should receive and when it should enter their inbox. Whether you’re promoting an app, event, campaign or service, bolt tailor your email journey to your business goals.

We develop snappy subject lines to entice your audience - once the email is open the content will seal the deal. Tailored to your email’s purpose, the graphics and format clearly lay out the content and messaging. The copy and CTAs inform your readers and encourage them to take the next step of your customer journey. We drive traffic directly to your website landing pages to communicate highly relevant content your users find valuable. Achieving high open and click-through rates lets us know that your email was engaging. Reporting on your results enables us to consistently improve your email marketing strategy and achieve the best results.