Digital Design.

Digital design is important now more than ever. While it’s basically defined as any design in digital format, the process requires complex thinking and expert application.



You might assume that digital and print design are the same, but bolt know this couldn’t be further from the truth. We understand that the goals you want to achieve with a brochure or direct mail differ from a website or social media. While print is effective at increasing point of sale purchases and brand awareness, our digital design consistently generates engagement and interactivity for your business.

Digital graphics can be restricted by certain platforms. Our digital marketing knowledge makes sure we know the dimensions needed for banners, buttons or leaderboards. Combining this with our design expertise equips us to create effective digital graphics whatever the channel. We create motion graphics for websites, email and social media to add dynamic movement to your static content. By combining audio and visuals, our motion graphics efficiently tell your message in a short, shareable way. Using analytics and data, the bolt team are able to understand the success of your digital campaigns. We learn how your audience interacts and create graphics that win their interest.