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Inspiring positive workplace changes

RWFM is a facilities management consultancy specialising in operational and business solutions using smart, disruptive FM technologies. With a strong ethos and value for their clients and partners, we wanted to give RWFM the platform they needed to progress.

Brief: Showcase expertise through brand and website

As a consultancy reliant on positive recommendations, it was important that RWFM had a brand and website providing clients with relevant industry knowledge. RWFM wanted the website to showcase their expertise, skill of their partners and be a hub of FM content.

Challenges: Differentiate from a traditional, corporate industry

It was important to create a brand that differentiates from the traditional, corporate facilities management industry. Inspired by RWFM’s logical and tech-driven approach, the logo uses geometric shapes and sharp lines to form a dynamic identity. To emphasise the empathetic and holistic nature of the brand, we used green, blue, pink and grey throughout the branding. Rather than design a website talking about RWFM’s products and services, we focused on consultancy and social engagement. The website ensures clients engage in useful content that adds value rather than selling solutions unsuitable for the client’s needs. With so much knowledge to offer clients, it was important for RWFM’s content and email strategy to ensure clients and partners view the brand as an information leader in the sector. The solutions and insights educate clients, partners and prospects on RWFM’s services and the latest FM technology news and opinion.

Solution: Integrated, seamless customer experience

RWFM’s integrated website, branding and digital strategy creates a seamless customer experience that encourages engagement and interaction. We increased the email delivered rate by 29.5%. RWFM’s emails were previously hitting the receivers’ spam but are now being successfully delivered. The click-through rate has achieved over 20%. Users visiting RWFM’s website has increased by 12.82% since the emails have been sent.

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