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Your first 'own' office

Progress My Office is passionate about creating productive and unique interior environments for workplaces. Progress’ expertise and dedication to delivering workspaces perfect for the client is enviable.

Brief: Elevate Progress into the high-level market

Embarking on a repositioning project, we rebranded Progress My Office to develop an annual strategic marketing plan and fit within the specified target market. The Progress mission was clear; to work closely with MD/CEO level personas in scale-up businesses that are moving into their very first ‘own’ workplace.

Challenges: Depict movement statically

To reposition, we conducted market research to understand Progress’ current market. We analysed the environment in which they want to move and the target audience’s demographics and behaviours. We established the most effective means to target the user that will result in customer acquisition. As Progress’ mission is to help growing businesses, we wanted to play with the process of moving to something bigger. After exploring symbols that could depict movement, we landed on two arrows reflecting a forward motion. This links to the nature of scale-up businesses and moving into a larger workspace. The typeface needed to be clean and match the border of the overall logo. For this, we experimented with bold and slightly thinner fonts to test effectiveness. To emphasise the purpose of the business, we used a bold font for ‘Progress’, and a thin font for ‘My Office’. To instil more movement across the Progress My Office website, we implemented a range of motion graphics that illustrate the innovative nature of the brand.

Solution: Effective, dynamic brand message

The new brand was tested across various applications, both online and offline, and even on clothing to ensure it would be legible across the diverse needs of the industry. The end result is new, dynamic branding implemented effectively across digital platforms and marketing collateral. Creating a consistent and professional look in line with brand the message and mission which resonates with the user.

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