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Exceedra delivers business value to Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) companies internationally using trade promotion management and business planning software. We instantly understood Exceedra’s vision and their priority to create value for their clients.

Brief: Visually display the complexity of Exceedra

Exceedra challenged us with the task of designing a stand to display at all of their industry events. Usually, we are asked to create something that dynamically showcases who a company are, what the company does, and how to get in touch. This brief was different. Due to the technical nature of the Exceedra software, we had to clearly display the complexity of the components in a clean, understandable format for their audience to utilise.

Challenges: Link all Exceedra’s software seamlessly

We got to work looking at the current brand colours to find a new way we could make them work in this format. From this, we determined the most effective colourway in which the services could be displayed and landed on blue, yellow, red and orange. Our next task was finding a way to link all of the software components together in a route that is easy for the eye to follow. We created the component map; designed in a way that can be utilised in digital formats, adapted for different uses, and easily segmented to aid explanation when showcasing at events.

Solution: Component map that eases explanation

The final design is a map with each software component along a route leading into the centre. The colours are coded to ease explanation and displayed against a black background that makes all elements stand out. The stand has been used at events across the world and is now a key part of the initial Exceedra communication.

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