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Offerd is a graduate hiring platform helping talent fresh out of university find a great job role. The platform enables exciting businesses to grow their team efficiently and cost-effectively. We were drawn to Offerd’s desire to help as many students as possible with their unconventional approach to marketing.

Brief: Become graduates’ platform of choice

Offerd approached us with the mission to get their new platform in front of graduates and businesses. With millions of students graduating from university every year, we knew there was huge potential for Offerd to be the platform of choice for job searching.

Challenges: Differentiate with a straight-talking attitude

Our first-hand experience with the graduate process allowed us to create a UX design that provides a clear user journey for graduates and businesses. The website provided two experiences for graduates and businesses guiding them through the sign up process and how to use the platform. We created visual and engaging graphics for across the website, email and social media that demonstrate the ease and efficiency of the platform in practice With competitors choosing the professional and corporate approach, we wanted to differentiate with a straight-talking, cool and fun attitude. We created web, blog, email and social content based on Offerd’s unique tone of voice and the requirements of the B2B or B2C audience. Our SEO strategy and PPC campaigns throughout the pre-sign up period generated sign ups and organic traffic that improve Offerd’s exposure and search engine ranking. As social media is the primary channel for graduates, we developed engaging organic and paid social media. This enabled us to maximise graduate and business reach while promoting Offerd’s benefits in a fun way.

Solution: 1,000 pre sign ups in one month

From the successful execution of our digital, creative and development strategy, 1000 graduates signed up to the Offerd platform in the first month. This exceeded Offerd’s expectations and gave us confidence that the platform would gain thousands of more sign-ups upon launch. PPC campaign achieved a conversion rate of 7% and an average CPC of 40p. Offerd’s website generated an overall conversion rate of 14% and 34% decrease in bounce rate. Proving our strategies succeeded in turning visitors into long-term users.

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