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Why you’re not getting any momentum on social media - Insights
Social media

Why you’re not getting any momentum on social media


Ever feel like there is no point in Facebook, Instagram or Twitter?

You’re posting content on social media every day which is totally focused on your business and the services you have to offer. It’s completely relevant and consistent, so why is the following, engagement and lead generation at a minimum?

We see this happen time and time again on social media and when your brand is in that position, you feel like everyone is in on a secret that you are not. Truth is, yes there are automated bots out there that can have an influence on growth but we can assure you this is a recipe for disaster. Social media channels like Instagram are fully aware of this and their algorithms are intelligent enough to pick up on any strange activity, so if this is something you have looked at, be cautious.

Otherwise re-asses your strategy and think about how you can change things up to improve your outcome.

Ask yourself these questions:

What most people don’t realise when they are controlling social media is that all they are talking about is themselves and are providing little value for their followers. It’s an easy mistake to make as there is no simple manual for the laws of social media.

Brand Loyalty

The biggest gain of social media is to create loyalty with your brand and that takes organic work. First, you must provide content that is relatable to your niche, then you must back this up by interacting with your engagement. 1000 loyal followers are better than 10,000 semi-interested followers. And if all your after is a big following then there is probably not much point in utilising the software.

Before uploading a new piece of content, review each post and check you are providing value that is going to engage your target audience. If not then rework it. Like everything, there is no overnight success process, you have to show that you care, treat every connection like you would in person. After all, they are humans on the other end too and are playing the same game.

Too busy managing the business operations? Then perhaps you need to partner with a team that understands your brand and customer profiles to amplify the purpose of social media in business. Get in touch with our digital experts today!

Written by: James Coughlan
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