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Why you MUST analyse your website visitor journey in 2018 - bolt
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Why you MUST analyse your website visitor journey in 2018

Imagine driving lots of traffic to your website in 2018. Fantastic. The enquiries/sales/contact as a result of high traffic? Very poor. The end result? Your most important marketing tool costing you money.

When individuals, brands and valued businesses think about their website, too often they think about how it looks or what content is going into their website. Far more seldom do they take a step back to think about their website from a users perspective, the way the content is structured or check out what their users are actually doing on their site!

Today I delivered bad news to a client of ours. A client that operates on all 4 corners of the globe. Their website loses 76% of its’ visitors in the first interaction. 76%! If I said to any savvy managing director that you are losing over 3/4 of your online prospects at the first attempt, they would do something about it immediately. So why don’t more businesses check these incredibly important indicators? Here are some key considerations to track at each point of the visitor journey:

Search – How do prospects find your website? Where do they originate from?

Evaluate – What are the details of your services? How do they compare to the market?

Experiment – Where do visitors seek clarity before engaging and aiming to convert?

Contact – Where do you visitors reach out for next steps?

Retain – How do existing customers receive support and where do they go?

It is often the final part that is disregarded completely. Both on and offline, in fact. But all are extremely important to consider and review consistently, along with the bounce rate at each stage of the journey (the rate at which visitors drop off your website). High bounce rates are not acceptable!

To summarise, it is imperative that your website isn’t just a ‘content portal’, but operates as an actual marketing tool, to drive leads and sales revenue. Most of us don’t have shop fronts on the high street. This is your high street front. Be bold enough to take a step back. Review the user journey of your website that you more than likely invested a lot of time and money in and make those key amendments to improve this journey.

Written by: Jamie Clifton

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