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Why brands need to consider performance marketing - Insights
performance marketing

Why brands need to consider performance marketing


Historically, many agencies haven’t done the industry justice when it comes to their pricing and performance models. We have all been in a pitch scenario where brands have got some wildly low or wildly high menu-based pricing. There’s also the package deals *curls into a ball*. A, B or C?

Our clients aren’t order takers. A starter of 20 social media posts a month followed by a main course of 3 organic keywords isn’t something they jump out of bed for.

Performance is still everything in digital

Agencies have got to take responsibility and know that performance is still everything in digital. If you’re putting together a strategy, you should know once executed how that is going to perform, give or take. However, there’s still an incredible amount of completely random execution on the basis of what brands can afford.

This generally yields little results, encourages complacency and there’s no real end goal that anyone is working to. All of a sudden, SEO, PPC and social media campaigns are a total waste of time.

When done properly, all of the above can generate tremendous amounts of brand awareness, engagement and conversions.

What I’m saying is: Brands should definitely open up to working with performance-based agencies in order to get the best out of the client-agency relationship.

It keeps us both fresh. There’s no room for loss of enthusiasm because we’re in it together, with as much at stake. There’s a genuine vested interest to achieve what we set out.

As marketers, we take great passion in understanding client audiences, doing our market research and creating a core message that resonates.

The execution that follows should yield a bare minimum return for the client. So what’s the issue with making sure that this marketing performance is measured?

After all, we are the experts. Footballers are paid with performance-based add ons to complete their salaries, why should it be different for us? We are working towards targets and to score goals just like they are. You get out what you put in.

I’d recommend challenging any agency that thinks otherwise.

Written by: Jamie Clifton
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