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What is User Experience (UX) design? | How it can help your business
what is ux

What is UX?

We’ve often been presented with scenarios and asked by our clients “We get plenty of relevant traffic to our website, but none of our visitors fill out the contact forms or call us. Why is this?” Put simply – we are in the generation of the user. The power is in their hands. If they can’t find what they are looking for or are having a poor user experience browsing your site, there’s always more websites for them to browse to get what they want quicker.

The term ‘UX’, or User Experience, is still relatively new. It’s one we never discuss in front of clients. They will probably think I’m talking about ‘the silver thing on the end of their earphones.’ But it is a MASSIVE part of your customer journey in today’s world.

What does UX mean?

UX (User Experience) is the interaction that your business has with its users across your website, app, mobile and other online properties. It takes more than just a sitemap and content to plan properly. Just like a party, you’d think about more than just what time you are having guests round, wouldn’t you?

Just like if you were to host a party, it’s all about the small detail when planning your user experience strategy. You want to create the best possible experience for your online audience. Give yourself a fighting chance of getting more touchpoints with them.

It’s easy to think about what you want to communicate, not how that might make the user feel. Take a step back and ask yourself, those around you and if possible, your market – am I confusing them? What is their perception of this?

Make them feel good. Don’t let them ponder going elsewhere and give them no distractions – get into the ‘great UX’ mindset. Think like you are the potential customer, not internally in your business.

If you’re reading this and have a site or app already live, get those around you to go through them and give you their user experience feedback.

Here are some key tips to summarise:

  • What are your website and app goals? Be humble and critique what you already have. Does the UX match up?
  • Focus on the customer journey – if you were to land on any page on the website, can you always get back to where you want your users to navigate?
  • Drill down into all the small details – don’t leave anything to chance and maximise your touch points
  • Combine great UX with your quality content and your end result will always be better

We will continue to discuss UX in more detail. It’s only going to become more and more important. Those who embrace it will be rewarded with improved performance from their online strategy and greater return on investment from their most important marketing tool.

For more information on how we can help, contact us today.

Written by: Jamie Clifton
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