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What is inbound marketing?

What is Inbound Marketing?

Inbound marketing is a customer first way of thinking. Focusing on creating valuable experiences for them to have a positive impact.

But how do you do that? Initially by attracting them to your website by generating engaging, relevant content that is helpful in terms of their requirements.

When they arrive, it’s important to continue the conversation through great blogs, articles, tools such as chat and e-mail and provide continued value. You then keep supporting them as an advisor and expert to delight your customers with your knowledge.

Best practice

The inbound methodology pushes better marketing, better ways to sell and also better ways to continue to support and service your customers. Over the long term, you can grow your company for the better.

Forming a habit of delighting your customers at every stage in their customer journey with you should be the norm. But the inbound methodology helps to instil this in your company in order to build trust, credibility and momentum on both sides.

Brand ambassadors

Everyone being involved is one of the main reasons inbound marketing is so special. Marketers don’t just market, sellers don’t just sell and the services team don’t just serve. All customer-facing individuals and teams must adopt the methodology in order to create a full 360-degree holistic experience for anyone who engages with your business.

All teams are then completely aligned on how to attract, engage and delight customers – continually building trust in your brand.


The whole plan is built around the growth of your business. Happy customers will continue to buy from you and also recommend you throughout their networks, which will feed growth. Likewise though, if you have unhappy customers or are working with customers who aren’t the best fit for your business, this will slow your growth right down.

The way in which buying behaviours have continued to evolve quickly means that expectations from your business have grown. This has spread throughout the whole customer journey.

The inbound methodology, however, continues to support businesses adapt to fast-changing needs across not just marketing, but sales and service too – meaning a continued better customer experience.

Written by: Jamie Clifton
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