What is Hubspot and why should my business use it?

HubSpot is an inbound marketing and sales software that helps companies attract visitors, convert leads, and close customers.

It’s a methodology that provides real value and builds trust by attracting, engaging and delighting PEOPLE. The HubSpot platform compliments this inbound methodology and is built to support marketing, sales and service teams achieving their goals. In these difficult times, the easy option is to remain stagnant.

For those who are new to inbound, it essentially means that we are focused on a more helpful, human approach to achieving your goals and growing your business. Right now there’s never been a time more critical for this approach.

But in reality, the current situation is not going away and the need for an ongoing solution to support you in remaining active is key. Some businesses have been forced to shut, others operating on reduced hours with a reduced team while some are operating as normal under unusually remote circumstances.

Whichever one of those your business is, there are still fundamental activities required to ensure you are ready to bounce back (and how) when this is over. Let’s look at the Inbound methodology for a moment:

Customer-facing teams are having to work in new ways to continue supporting the buyer’s journey in the current climate. There may be bottlenecks in your inbound capabilities right now. Where do you see the opportunities to improve?

There is certainly a lot of work to be done with existing customers. Customers who you’d usually see on a regular basis in person too. If there was ever a time to over-communicate, over service and prove the true value your business offers them, now is that time.

What problems can you still solve in their business and your marketplace right now? Think about it. If it’s no different because you’re operating as normal that’s fine, but if you’re having to innovate your products and services, you might find new building blocks. Brainstorm new ideas, find a niche and go at it with the courage and conviction that you usually would if operations were normal.

A prime benefit of the HubSpot methodology right now is that the ‘flywheel’ model interconnects every section of the buyer’s journey.

Hubspot Flywheel

By engaging existing customers and turning them into promoters of your company in the long run, you find yourself attracting ‘strangers’ and new interests that you previously did not have.

The flywheel does not stop like the traditional marketing funnel, and the more consistently you follow the methodology, the more customers you’ll have in your HubSpot portal!

Ok, so why HubSpot, why now?

Easy to use 

There’s nothing worse than failing to adopt a new system, it can end up being a major sunken cost. HubSpot has been thorough when it comes to user experience. It was even tested on a drunken user! It features a simple layout which makes it even easier to navigate to all tools required by your teams.

Now is the time for adoption 

I personally love HubSpot because of all the free content on offer in the HubSpot academy. Your team can learn how to use the software here, but also dive into extensive online training through courses and certifications. They may learn new skills such as SEOemail marketing and content marketing! All can be completed remotely or in your own time if required.

Plug and play 

The free version of HubSpot can get you started on inbound seamlessly and you can begin to use the tools to benefit your business. It’s a quick account setup and you’re up and running making it easy to access and trial if you need to see the value first. If you have more time, now is the time to see that value.

It’s built for inbound

The platform is built specifically around the flywheel model and supports marketing, sales and service teams in achieving their goals to help your business grow. For stakeholders, the tracking and analytics available from HubSpot is unrivalled. You can create content and tailor to where each prospect is in their own buyer’s journey. It removes the guesswork and any ‘spray and pray’ approach.

One platform for everything!

With HubSpot, you’ll no longer have to juggle between different platforms to market to both potential and existing customers. HubSpot can support you when creating and optimising your content, nurturing leads, monitoring contacts as they become customers and tracking all progress. What’s better than being able to do all of this and more in one, simple tool?

We will provide more visibility on specific tools and features within the platform in our next article. For a free discovery audit, to see how your business can begin to or better leverage inbound methods, email

Written by: Jamie Clifton
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