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We've rebranded and now we're ready to engage... - Insights

We’re ready to engage…

Our idea was that no agency was going to be as engaged as us in the companies that we collaborated with. No agency out there would care as much as us about the success of marketing projects, tactical campaigns and strategic execution.

We had our network of young, passionate, creative talent and we wanted to build around this, creating an agency that was ‘together as one’ with its clients, and that is where our first agency was born.

From working with SMEs, scale ups and then start ups since early 2015, our clients that we have grown with and continue to work with day to day is something we are incredibly proud of. Seeing them grow has only made our relationships stronger.

Our agency has matured since those early days, where we now feel our old name doesn’t tell our story anymore. Our clients and our team have told us that and the feedback has been so helpful for us, much appreciated and testament to the transparent relationships that we have internally and externally around us.

So we sat down – 9 creative minds to begin a full re-branding process including a name change. But it is so much more than just that. We wanted something that together we could all truly stand by and believe in, ready to continue our growth.

Symbols are a really important part of a brand. Why do they exist? Their power is shown through the amount of your audience that engages and takes away similar ideas. They are also names. They aren’t just a name or a symbol, though, they are more. A story, a common purpose behind an idea, collaborative values, something to stand for.

People genuinely care about them. It’s what provokes emotion. Action. It’s what gets you out of bed in the morning.

We had so many ideas in our studio, experimenting with different names, colours and symbols. Over a period of the past 8 weeks, we have worked hard in our spare time to come up with a tech driven, clean brand that upholds our personality, character and values that we continue to evolve.

We came to a conclusion on ‘bolt’.

It wasn’t just this initial visual and explanation that brought us here, though. We wanted to redefine our mission, our ethos and purpose.

We’re called bolt because we engage ourselves in brands that we ourselves believe in, ensuring your marketing strategy is watertight. We’re not supposed to be separate from your team, we’re supposed to be closely knit. So integral that you can rely on us to keep going, without affecting your workflow.

Our mission is to grow start ups, scale ups and organisations with purpose, by providing additional marketing resource, creative energy and fresh perspective to your team.

The bolt symbol was also a great fit for our values, which we narrowed down from what we have stood for past, present and where we want to stand for the future. The values were narrowed down to 6 – covering the 6 corners of our symbol. It was also something that resonated highly with our internal team and clients that we asked for feedback.

Those values are something we truly believe in, both internally and externally. They are also something we expect from any new additions to our team, without compromise.

We would like to thank those who have supported us through the past few years. Although we are really excited to bring our new brand to public domain, it is firmly business as usual. We’re ready to engage.

Written by: Jamie Clifton
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