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User Experience – Function comes before Aesthetic

Would you rather drive a Land Rover across the fields or a Ferrari?

In general, we are motivated by vanity; how something looks! We would all agree this leaves a lasting impression, especially when you are trying to attract or retain a loyal customer base. The biggest mistake that is made in the design world is prioritising aesthetic above function. User experience is the bigger picture in design. By taking into account customer profiles, you are formulating a strategy that puts them first in your decision making as a designer.

Once the UX design team starts understanding the needs and challenges of the consumer, they then start to provide solutions, which kick starts the journey piece throughout the website design. It is the UX designer’s responsibility to always start with your data. Taking action with no information is a misleading path and is the result of delaying the development of your project. Therefore, it is your responsibility to equip your designer with as much information as possible.

Once the journey is mapped, the overall functionality of a website can start to take structure. The first challenge of each step every designer must address is how will the user engage? One of the most basic lessons we are taught from a young age is:

If you were trying to teach an alien how to understand your message or idea, how would you do this? To which we would put our hand up in class and answer with: clear/simple/easy. This rule does not change as we get older. Don’t over complicate something that doesn’t need to be and don’t distract the user with unnecessary aesthetic.

Always ask yourself, does our website serve the correct purpose by immediately communicating to the users’ needs? Or does it look cool and serve no purpose?

UX design is developing at a rapid speed due to the various devices your website can be seen on. Therefore a team of professional designers are a must if you want to dominate your industry space online and ultimately WIN leads!

Written by: Jamie Clifton
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