Importance of negative space

Turn down the noise

You know the old saying. It goes ‘less is more’, but is that always true? Well, the majority of designers in this world will back that statement up. We take a look at why negative space can be so important in your website design.

Think about it, if you were using a website to find out immediate information or you were in a restaurant looking through the menu, would you rather have lots of conflicting images and typography or clean-formatted information complemented with negative space?

Since the internet launched, we’ve seen some amazing website designs from search engines to e-commerce, travel booking to educational platforms; but eye candy does not always mean the user experience is outstanding. Of course, everybody likes cool visuals that provide the wow factor, but these elements can be the biggest obstacle towards the purpose of your platform. Now we are in an age of multiple devices where your website has to be optimised for mobile, tablet, laptop and so on, so a busy design is simply going to cause problems for users visiting your website.

To achieve ultimate design communication you need two driving factors. Number one is the grid; measurements, alignment and scaling – this is an invisible magic wand that resonates with the human eye and achieves borderline perfection. The second is negative space or white space and this is the absolute mastery of design. Simplicity is sophistication. By amplifying the white space, you are drawing users’ attention to the vital information that they are there for; content. So getting the balance right is crucial.

Our creative team is equipped with years of practice and precision to make sure the background crackles are muted and your user is tuned in to your key messaging and solutions.

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Written by: James Coughlan
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