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The Importance of your Team being Ambassadors of your Brand - bolt

The Importance of your Team being Ambassadors of your Brand

I truly believe the old saying that if you don’t back yourself, no one else will. This rings true on a slightly bigger scale when it comes to your staff. For me, first and foremost it’s them that have to be flying your flag at full mast as brand ambassadors. Otherwise, how can you expect your prospective and existing customers to believe in what you stand for and the product/service you provide?

I recently spoke with a Global brand who are looking to increase their market share and improve their positioning. I ran a brand audit and trawled through their social media. There was plenty of content, but almost no engagement across any social channel in recent months. They had plenty of employees, but not ONE was even engaging, liking, commenting, let alone sharing these posts. Why?

A big part of this is that many brands still ignore internal comms and branding. Do your employees know what values you stand for? Do they understand why? Are they well aligned with your brand personality? Is it clear? How is it currently communicated? I would always recommend you review these questions and understand direct from them exactly what their perception of your brand is. Spend umpteen 1-2-1 time getting their feedback.

By engaging employees into your brand, you really can improve your immediate brand reach and attraction. For starters, employees have an average of over 1,000 connections on social media. They also boast five times more reach than a standard corporate account.

Another key point to understand is that almost 90% of people trust recommendations from friends, family, acquaintances and colleagues over generic marketing campaigns. So whether you have tens, hundreds or even thousands of employees, your reach can dramatically increase on the proviso that they actively engage and share your content.

It’s important to realise the importance of turning your team into brand ambassadors.

What is a brand ambassador?

Someone who actively promotes a brand to their network with a target of driving brand awareness, increasing engagement and likely sales revenue. You don’t need to endorse a famous celebrity or influencer any longer. You have access to a network of influencers today, in your office. And guess what, you don’t have to pay them anything to do it, because it’s their job. It should be your job to engage them.

I’m only really scratching the surface on this topic and will be providing more thoughts on this over the coming months. But in my opinion brand ambassadors within your brand are essential for extending reach, increasing enquiries & sales, as well as improving social recruiting, of course.

Written by: Jamie Clifton
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