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The importance of communicating your brand purpose internally - bolt
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The importance of communicating your brand purpose internally

Having a brand purpose is one thing, but whether or not your target audience actually believe it is another. A great way of understanding the impact of your brand purpose is by testing it on employees first and foremost. Do they get the goals of the brand? Clients and customers will feel the overall effort of the wider team if the answer is yes.

Why is brand purpose important?

It’s incredibly important that employees live your brand purpose, just as important as if it to your clients and customers. Every employee is ultimately a ‘brand ambassador‘. Unless they can get inspiration from your brand, how can you expect your clients to? Employees are your best target audience. It’s all good having a top-level brand purpose to shout about. But what else is being done to amplify this purpose? Focus on your employees.

There’s a complete difference between brands who are known as ‘nice’ and those who are taking action and genuinely making a tangible difference to what they believe in society. It must be linked to the brand purpose. This will also give your campaign longevity and the opportunity to evolve your purpose from the inside out. Making it relevant to your market is a plus. This is because when your purpose resonates, it will attract the right kind of clients.

Common ground before you have begun your working relationship. We would argue that clients are no longer impressed by a nice brand, but seeing an action of commitment from your brand is going to gravitate them towards your proposition.

In summary, do not just state matter of fact that your brand purpose is ‘x’ when no one else knows about it within your brand. The wider team must be singing from the same hymn sheet in order to create momentum behind your purpose and campaign. This will then rub off to your prospective clients who will feel a genuine effort from all associated with your brand.

Written by: Jamie Clifton
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