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The Importance of a Rebrand & What it Means - Insights

The Importance of a Rebrand & What it Means

One of the biggest hurdles to overcome in your business is a rebrand. You already have fantastic positioning, a strong identity and dedicated customer loyalty. But and it’s a big but (we cannot lie) the goalposts are shifting, ideas are evolving, therefore new directional process must take place to reach the desired destination.

So how is this achieved?

If your answer is simply a logo, then have a rethink, step back and take a look at the bigger picture, as it goes much deeper. Communication is at the heart of the strategy and the visual assets are tools that talk without speaking.

Then break this down internal communications and external communications.

A new client base?

If you are reaching out to a new persona, why is the old agenda not going to achieve this? If customer behaviour is evolving then it’s imperative the brand does. The business world is rapidly changing with technology directly impacting this every day. You must stay with the teams and keep up with the movement. Keeping your brand relevant is the key driver.


You have a great model, fantastic results and brand loyalty is in place, however, the market is saturated, there are competitors popping up and moving in on your customer base. Think about Adidas, a hugely successful brand with a non-comparative heritage. In the 80’s they started losing tremendously to the Nike camp. Adidas used their back foot to their advantage realising their past was what would shape their future. They evolved the sports company from a recurring loss to a catastrophic market cap of 17.8Billion in 1990 off the back of a rebrand. These results speak for themselves.


You may feel that your brand has stagnated or has been left behind. There will always be trends coming in and out, however, there are ways to achieve a timeless aesthetic through a careful process. A recent example of this would be Burberry who have had a rebrand this summer. This, of course, has created a huge stir in the fashion world. With Peter Saville being commissioned, the results were going to be none other than exceptional.


The team has changed.  There are new leaders that want to embody their ways of communicating directly through the brand, therefore new brand strategy must come into play to gain a complex understanding that will drive the company forward.


This may be considered as one of the most difficult elements, but why? Your company is flying so why change something that is achieving so well? This may boil down to improvement, your product is fantastic and that is what people are buying into, however, your brand can no longer keep up with the product so this can create confusion losing to great peaks and troffs.

Ultimately a rebrand is a complex process that requires undivided attention, deep creative thought and the correct team members to design an idea that is truly outstanding.

Written by: James Coughlan
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