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How to target the right audience with PPC Ads - Insights

Targeting the Right Audience with PPC Ads

A high click-through and conversion rate might look good on a PPC report but what is important is they are the right people. Fortunately, there are ways to target by using the right keywords and carefully written ads to ensure your target audience are the people clicking and converting.

Define a Qualified Conversion

Before starting a PPC campaign, you need to know what a qualified conversion is for your business. It could be a form submission from a decision-maker, selling a specific product or registering for a product demo. Without knowing this, how can you know who to target?

Speak to your Audience

So you have now identified who you will be targeting with your PPC ads. You now need to focus on how to get your message across to them. You want your ad to speak directly to them and a good way to do this is to identify personas. This will allow you to understand what content they resonate with most. When writing your copy, always ask yourself:

  • Is this something I would click on?
  • Does this sound appealing?
  • Does this ad make sense or is it just a bunch of keywords jammed together?

Use Qualifying Words

You want to add words that will deter people who don’t match your target audience from clicking on your ad. If you are a B2B business but only want to target small businesses, ensure you add words such as “SMB”. This will make larger companies aware that it is not relevant to them. If your keywords could be searched by B2B and B2C audiences, add in the copy who you want to target.

Mention Specific Numbers

Adding numbers to your PPC ad copy can help to make your ad copy more relevant to your target audience. Do you want to target customers of a certain age or a company that is a certain size based on their revenue or employees?

Ad Extensions

Ad extensions are a great way to add more details to your ads. Callout extensions can be used to draw attention to your unique selling points and important product details and benefits. The more callouts you create, the more variation Google can provide to your target audience.

Price extensions are a great way for potential customers to decide if your products/services are in their price range on the SERP page before clicking on your ad. If they do decide to click through, the extension allows you to direct them straight to the product/service page that they are interested in.

Structured snippets allow you to highlights specific aspects of your products/services. This could include the industries you work in or the type of customers you work with.

If you would like to discuss your PPC campaign or how a PPC campaign can help your business, get in touch with one of our digital experts today.

Written by: Thomas Coughlan

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