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christmas jumper and brand personality

Showcasing your brand personality through social media

Picking the perfect Christmas jumper is crucial; the same can be said for showcasing your brand personality on social media. 

Picking out the perfect Christmas jumper is an important task. Finding the right jumper that fits your style, reflects your personality and most importantly gets people talking can take a lot of effort throughout December. The same can be said for your brand’s personality!

When it comes to your social channels, your brand personality can be a unique differentiator from competitors. Your branding, tone of voice and messaging allows you to convey your personality in order to drive customer engagement and build relationships. Even B2B conversions ultimately boil down to individual people. 

Not only will your brand personality on social media attract customers, it will engage with a pool of high-quality prospective talent to retain a modern workforce. According to CareerArc, job seekers rank social media and professional networks as the most useful job search resource. Therefore, you should be utilising your social channels as a “window into your brand personality”.

Your brand personality should be a crucial part of your company strategy. A survey reported that over 35% of prospects will engage with a brand’s post if they agree with it personally. In other words, people look for brands that are relatable, dealing with a problem they have and come across more human.

Here are three ways to showcase your brand personality through social media:

1. Create a story that resonates with customers

Creating a story is the perfect opportunity to let your brand’s personality shine. A great brand story needs to be authentic and honest. It should outline where you’ve come from, why you do what you do, and what your future holds. 

HubSpot believes that when brands are transparent and authentic with their storytelling, it brings them down-to-earth and helps consumers connect with them and the people behind them.

2. Forming two-way communication

Two-way communication allows you to exude a human quality and show people you care. Not only does this type of communication allow you to build a personality that people want to engage with, it allows you to monitor and learn from customer feedback and move in line with your target market. 

Highly-personable two-way communication with a touch of humour is a great way for customers to forget they’re talking to a business and build relationships. 

3. Show off your team

Essentially, people do business with people. Showcasing your business as having a friendly and welcoming team and culture will naturally emerge your brand personality. Encouraging your team to share their expertise, utilising their personal social channels and showing behind the scenes action contributes to building a relatable brand. 

In the same way you don’t rush in and pick the first Christmas jumper you see, you should also take time in planning on how to showcase your brand personality on social media. Social media is your voice and the channels need to be aligned with a strategy. If you would like support with showcasing your brand personality on social media in 2021, get in touch and make sure the content you are posting resonates with your audience.

Written by: Kate
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