Why You Shouldn’t Ignore SEO


What is SEO?

Let’s begin with what is SEO. Simply put, SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is the activity used to ensure websites appear on search engines when relevant keywords or phrases are entered. To ensure that its search engine always shows the most relevant websites, Google constantly updates its search algorithm. This can mean that best practices can change overnight which can be a problem for some marketers who don’t have time to keep up with the latest trends. However, the worst thing they can do is to ignore them. By not keeping up with the latest algorithm changes, it can have a negative impact on your website’s position and therefore traffic.

We use PPC, so do we really need to bother with SEO?

You may be thinking that you don’t need to optimise your website as your PPC has a high conversion rate. Although, you might be happy with the number of conversions, are you happy with not achieving the highest number possible? It’s likely that the popular keywords or phrases you would like to bid for are out of your budget. However, by optimising for SEO as well, you can create content on your website to rank for these organically.

PPC is useful for businesses who have just started optimising their website or whose website is a casualty of one of Google’s big algorithm updates. Your website will be seen instantly on the search results, although this can depend on your budget and your ad relevancy. Optimising your website for SEO can also help your PPC. Google doesn’t just focus on who pays the most for their ad to be top. The ad still needs to be relevant to the keyword or phrase. By having your website already optimised for certain keywords and phrases, Google will place you higher than one of your competitors who may have bid more but are not as relevant.

We need a new website, should we wait before starting SEO?

You could be a new business that needs its first website, or a business that wants their old website refreshed. If so, why would you not want your website optimised for SEO whilst it’s being built? Waiting will mean you will have to spend more time and effort in optimising the site afterwards. Another problem is hiring an agency or developer who says they will optimise your website and then not fully optimising. This can dramatically harm your business as you could lose out on a lot of traffic and potential customers due to your website not ranking for the keywords and phrases which you thought you were. If the website is not built to optimise the technical SEO, another agency or developer may be needed.

We have optimised our site, why are we not top of the SERPs?

Unlike PPC, you will not see results from SEO overnight. Usually, you should start seeing results from an SEO campaign between 3 – 6 months. However, you may not be top of the list for every keyword and phrase you have optimised your website for. To begin with, you are unlikely to be at the top if your website is under a year old.

The competition for the keywords and phrases you are optimising your website for will affect where you will rank. For example, if you want to rank for trainers, it’s unlikely that you will be near the top. This is due to the high competition for that keyword. You might think that by entering the keyword a lot over your website will help you compete against the bigger companies. However, this is only going to harm your website and Google will only end up ranking you lower.

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Written by: Thomas Coughlan

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