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The basics of search marketing on Amazon and how it will benefit you
Search marketing Amazon

Search Marketing on Amazon

There has been an increase in search marketing on Amazon. The online shopping site’s search advertising revenue is increasing at a staggering amount year-on-year. Some advertisers are moving half of their advertising budget from Google to Amazon. This equates to hundreds of millions of pounds.

At the moment, Google is the dominant digital advertising platform. However, there is an increasing number of options of channels for businesses to do paid search advertising on. Amazon has emerged as a challenger to Google Shopping advertising. A similar thing happened when Facebook introduced paid social marketing. The move away from Google search advertising is not all bad for Google’s parent company Alphabet. There has been a switch in budget to video advertising, which is mainly done on YouTube, who is also owned by Alphabet.

Technology is always advancing and with that, online marketing. There is a trend in brands seeing advertising on Google search as ‘old fashioned’ and marketing on other channels being more attractive to prospects.

Who is moving to Search Marketing on Amazon?

There shouldn’t be much need to panic. A lot of services will not make sense appearing on search marketing on Amazon. Google Search marketing is the most viable option for these services.

It’s not all businesses that are shifting their budget towards Amazon. The main movers are companies whose service lends itself to Amazon. Those offering consumer packaged goods make up the majority. Amazon is seen as a more attractive option for paid marketing as the purchasing experience is more seamless than Google Shopping. Especially for newer companies, selling on Amazon is a better option as potential customers will already have profiles with their payment details loaded on. With customers favouring online shopping, there is a chance for paid advertising on Amazon to be lucrative. This is evident in the conversion rate being higher on Amazon, due to the information included on the ads, as well as the previously mentioned ease of purchase.

Large agencies are reporting that certain clients are moving over half of their budget from Google Search to search marketing on Amazon. However, it’s not necessarily that Google’s advertising spend is decreasing, it’s just that Amazon’s is increasing at a greater rate. This can be expected, as it is harder to grow when you are on top.

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Written by: Thomas Coughlan
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