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No need to re-invent the wheel - 7 Design Trends of 2019 - Insights
Re-invent the wheel

No need to re-invent the wheel – 7 Design Trends of 2019

Competition is growing across all industries and fast. So, how do we stay at the top of the tree or enter the market? We have picked out the magnificent 7 design trends of 2019 that will keep existing customers engaged and attract a new crowd.

1. Illustration

As mentioned industries are becoming saturated, therefore similar imagery is being seen from brand to brand. A great way to be different is with bespoke illustration. It’s fun, engaging and brings forward imagination.

2. Natural Photography

Lifestyle is everywhere; we can’t escape the world of influencing and insane photography, where people appear to be living in paradise.  People are starting to become more aware of this. The solution? Real life photography, this immediately installs trust. We all know what happened to Fyre Festival

2. Motion / Animation

This area just keeps getting hotter. Whether it’s micro animation for call to actions, a motion graphic of your logo or a full length animated campaign. Don’t miss the boat on this.

3. Negative Space

This is one of the biggest design trends. In the fast-paced world we need to cut to the chase; translate your brand message quick. Reduce the clutter and introduce more negative space in your design approach.

4. Inspiring Colours

Stand out, be bold, be courageous. Saturated colours and gradients were a big thing of 2018 and we are certain that this will only gain momentum.

5. Typography First

Get it off your chest. Communicate your brand experience straight away with cool typography. Bold serif fonts are taking centre stage this year. So incorporate where possible.

6. Less stock, more footage

This one is obvious. Be different; get creative after all everybody else is. Get video content to give a real-life scenario, high-resolution camera shots. Phone shots. Push the boundaries and use stock source sparingly.

Written by: Jamie Clifton
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