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Proof from new reports that your SEO activity is paying off - Insights

New Report Shows SEO is Paying Off

Companies are now starting to focus more on Search Engine Optimisation and understand the importance. However, with constant algorithmic changes and never knowing what is around the corner, it has not been an easy time. A new report has been released from a survey to 30,000 marketers to find out how SEO affects those in the marketing sphere.

More focus on SEO is paying off

88% of marketers said that SEO was important to their marketing strategy and over 60% said it was extremely important. There wasn’t one marketer who said SEO was not important at all. It is also not just marketers who are now understanding the importance of SEO to a company. 33% said the necessary decision makers at their company clearly understood the SEO methods for achieving objectives. This was followed closely by 32% of the marketers surveyed who said their decision makers mostly understood.

77% of the 30,000 marketers surveyed said that SEO has increased the number of leads. 79% felt that SEO had improved brand awareness and 48% said that SEO had decreased the cost of customer acquisition. With more marketers now understanding the benefits, they are now seeing the results for their companies.

There are still some who need convincing

There is still 9% who said SEO wasn’t important at all and 5% of the marketers surveyed who said the decision makers did not understand at all the methods for achieving objectives. Although this sounds like a small percentage, it shows that some marketers are happy to not focus on their SEO. In turn, they are allowing their competitors to use this to their advantage. Whilst marketers are pondering, their competitors will be using it as part of their own strategy. The longer it takes to realise the importance, the more time they will have to assign to catch up.

Another worrying stat from the survey is that 6% of the marketers did not know what Mobile First Index was. Although 41% are in the process of ensuring the website is ready, they still have work to do. It was back in 2017 when Google’s Consumer Barometer Study showed that mobile internet usage crossed 50% in the 63 countries covered by the report. The Mobile-First Index has been rolling out since however unless a company has separate websites for desktop and mobile sites, they shouldn’t be affected.

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Written by: Thomas Coughlan
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