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The new Adwords interface and what it does differently - Insights

New AdWords Interface, Are You Ready?

There are no excuses for not being ready. The new AdWords interface was announced in March 2016. It was made available to all advertisers in October 2017 so advertisers have had enough time to acclimatise to it.

From 10th July, Google will begin making the new interface the exclusive way to use AdWords and shutting down the old version. This won’t affect everyone at once, it will be gradually phased out throughout 2018. AdWords customers will receive an email notifying them of when this change will be made to their account.

Much has been made about this new interface. Complaints have been made ranging from it being too slow to being too complicated. Specific complaints include the Keyword Planner tool being not as effective, the overall look being ugly, and it not being as intuitive. I have experienced people actively refusing to use the new interface, making a point of switching back to the old one. When this change comes, perhaps they will be at a disadvantage of having to learn how the new interface works.

We knew this was going to happen eventually. There were reports that it would be happening much closer to the end of this year.

What difference does the new ad interface have?

The speed differences between the old and new interfaces are minimal at the most, certainly not anything I have noticed. I have noticed a definite improvement in usability. The overview page is a useful addition. It gives clear and detailed information about how your account/campaign/ad group is performing over a set time period. There are also features that appear exclusively in the new interface. This includes promotion extensions and more detailed search query reporting. The overall view is much clearer and less cluttered than the old one. There appear to be many people commenting on various forums that would disagree with me on that. Is that the difference between fighting change and embracing it?

Overemphasis on complaining about the difficult usability of the new interface instead of making sure your team adapts to the changes and becomes at ease with them could be problematic in the long term. PPC marketing and digital marketing as a whole is an ever-evolving industry. It is those who embrace this evolution who ultimately become successful, leaving those harking back to the good old days falling behind.

Written by: Thomas Coughlan

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