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LinkedIn outline changes to their latest algorithm - Insights
Linkedin algorithm

LinkedIn outline changes to their latest algorithm

In light of finding that most of the content generated on the platform is by only one percent of its users, LinkedIn has outlined the changes to its algorithm to increase engagement among its users. The LinkedIn algorithm was changed to better promote posts from more users on the platform, to encourage discussions among a wider range of people.

To do this, LinkedIn has “introduced ‘contribution’ as an additional objective in the candidate selection model”. The change will reward content creators on the platform rather than just showing the most engaging content. They hope that this will increase the engagement and responses across the board, making LinkedIn more engaging and an active place for discussion. The more engagement and responses people get on their posts should, in turn, keep them coming back to the platform and creating more content. They found that users that received 10+ likes on their posts were 17% more likely to post again the following week compared to users who don’t receive any feedback on their posts.

To help users discover the most relevant conversations, the feed is ranked. This will, in turn, help them to become more productive and successful with their posts. Although there is no magic formula, LinkedIn has highlighted three elements as its objectives.

  • The value to the member.
  • The value to the member’s network (downstream effects).
  • Value to the creator of the post.

LinkedIn’s Pete Davies has also written an article with tips on how to maximise your reach.

How to maximise your reach on LinkedIn

  • Post content that will encourage a response.
  • Think about which type of post is best for the topic you are posting about. Pete also confirmed that the algorithm doesn’t favour any particular format.
  • Invite people to your post who you think will add insight and are likely to respond by @mentions.
  • If you want to increase engagement on your post, you need to be a part of it as well. Respond to comments and encourage conversations.
  • Users are interested in the topics they are interested in so be niche in your posts and use relevant hashtags.
Written by: Thomas Coughlan
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