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LinkedIn adds feature to invite connections to company page - Insights
LinkedIn invite connections feature

LinkedIn adds feature to invite connections to company page

Have you noticed the new feature on your LinkedIn company page? LinkedIn is currently rolling out a new feature to allow page admins to invite their connections to follow their company page.

If the feature is available to you, you should see ‘New’ next to admin tools on your company page. When you click on admin tools, you should now see under ‘Extend your reach’, ‘Invite connections’. A window will then appear for you to select the people you would like to invite to follow your page. The invites will show up in the same area as the invites you receive from a new connection. The notification will also have the name of the person that has sent you the invite next to it. As it is a feature under admin tools, if you would like your employees to invite their connections to follow the page using this feature, they will need to become page admins.

LinkedIn Page Invite

This should be a welcome feature to users who are struggling to increase the number of people following their company page, especially users who have a lot of connections. If you can set some time aside to invite your connections, you should see a good increase in followers.

It’s all good increasing your company’s page following, however, you need to ensure you have a plan in place to retain them. Otherwise, they won’t hang around for long. Posting engaging, relevant content that resonates with your connections consistently will ensure they carry on following on your page. It can also entice them into finding out more about your company and in turn, become customers or clients.

Before inviting your connections, it’s best to check your company page to ensure all the basic information is filled in. Do the profile picture and cover photo fit? You want your company page to look interesting and engaging to give your connections a reason to follow.

Written by: Thomas Coughlan

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Written by: Thomas Coughlan
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