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Why Video Should Be Part of Your Content Marketing Strategy - Insights
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Why Video Should Be Part of Your Content Marketing Strategy

You may have noticed more videos being produced and uploaded and there is a good reason for this. In early 2017, 67% of marketers were utilising video as part of their content marketing strategy. In 2019, it has now risen to 87%. However, the use of video hasn’t just increased. Marketers are also utilising it better, with 83% of marketers saying video returns a good ROI – up from 78% in 2018.


There are many types of video you can create to engage and generate leads. With today’s fast-paced lifestyle, people haven’t got the time to watch long videos. They are looking for short videos that are to the point and catches their attention. Micro-videos are a great way to engage and drive potential customers/clients to longer form content or to further information. These videos can be teasers that promote your business or products and can easily be shared on social media sites.

Product Demonstration Videos

Videos are also a great way to showcase your products. A product demonstration video can gain the attention of potential customers/clients with a mixture of audio and visual. A video allows marketers to easily showcase the benefits of their product and how they differ from their competitors.

Thought Leadership Videos

Similarly, thought leadership videos are becoming more popular. This type of video allows companies to stand out from their competitors by offering free content. Instead of directly selling, offering expertise can show potential customers/clients that your company knows what they are doing. By having thought leadership videos from different employees, you are also showcasing your team and backs up the point that your company are experts in their industry. This also shows potential customers/clients who works for the company. The reach of the video can also increase as employees are more likely to share the video if they are in it.

Behind The Scene Videos

This leads onto ‘behind the scenes” videos. This type of video shows what happens behind the brand. For companies that provide an ongoing service, this can show potential customers/clients who they will be working with. They can also help with your recruitment as potential candidates can get a glimpse of the company culture as well as who works there. As smartphones now have brilliant cameras, these type of videos can easily and quickly be shot on them.

Testimonial & Success Story Videos

If a company is proud of the work they are doing – why would they not shout about it? Testimonials are nothing new, however, some people will always have a doubt over testimonials as they could think they are fake if they are just text. Video allows companies to film their customers/clients and combine testimonials with success stories. Prospects can see actual customers/clients giving their real opinions which gives your company credibility. Unlike text, a video can also demonstrate how a company has helped a company similar to a prospect who is watching.

Written by: Thomas Coughlan
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