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Instagram influencer posts are being made shoppable - Insights
Shoppable instagram posts

Instagram influencer posts are being made shoppable

Instagram’s parent company, Facebook, has announced at its annual F8 developer conference that Instagram is now making influencer posts shoppable – a move that is likely to please users. Given most users who follow influencers on Instagram listen to their product recommendations, this will make it easier for them to buy products directly on the platform without having to leave the platform to complete the transaction. The digital stickers can be added to photos, videos and stories on Instagram to enable users to buy the featured products.

Instagram started testing its checkout feature in March in the US with a select few brands including Adidas, Dior, H&M and Nike. The new feature allows users to go through the normal steps of buying a product online. For example, picking the size and colour, choosing the delivery address as well as paying for the product. Payment details can be saved on the app to speed up the checkout or be entered each time they pay. All this will be done directly on the app instead of having to leave to the brand’s website. This new update now allows them to team up with influencers who are part of the beta test.

Influencers will not get a cut of the sales. However, the new service should cut down the questions followers ask about the product and where they can buy it. This will, in turn, create a better experience for both the influencer and followers. Although they are not getting a cut, Instagram is providing influencers with additional insights including engagements and shopping insights. This can then help influencers to leverage better deals with brands.

When will the feature launch?

The new feature will launch next week with 23 brands and 55 influencers. More influencers and brand partners are expected to join in the coming months.

Written by: Thomas Coughlan
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