Influencer marketing

The Power of Influencer Marketing


What is Influencer Marketing?

The rise of social media has seen a big increase in the use of brand influencers. Working with the right influencer is critical and you must choose one which fits well with your brand and has a powerful voice. Influencer marketing occurs when an individual with an online personality advertises or shares their opinions about a product or brand to their followers. Social media has become the most popular way to do this. They can be used to influence their followers to purchase your products. Because of this, more and more businesses are working with influencers on social media to showcase their products and services.

Choosing an Influencer

Working with influencers which are specific to your niche is the most effective way to go about your influencer marketing strategy, as opposed to working with someone who has a ‘celebrity’ status. This is because their audience is going to be specifically interested in what they are advertising. They are also more likely to engage with their followers. Some larger companies have used celebrities in their campaigns just because of their status. They have ended up receiving criticism due to the selected person not suiting the product and style of the company.

Using social media for Influencer Marketing

Instagram is the most popular social platform for influencer marketing. This is because Instagram is an entirely visual social platform, which makes it perfect for showing off your product. With over 1 million users, and with that number still growing, Instagram is perfect to use for your influencer campaigns.

When choosing the influencer for your product, you must take some factors into account. This includes choosing someone who’s niche is the same as your product and brand, someone who has the target audience you want to engage with, and someone who engages with their followers and is professional on their social channels.

Influencer marketing is a good marketing practice to implement into your strategies. When done right, it will build awareness and credibility for your product and brand. Remember, finding someone with a massive amount of followers isn’t always better. You want to find an influencer who suits your product and is the right voice for your target audience.

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Written by: James Coughlan
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