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Improvements Announced to Facebook Jobs Tool - Insights

Improvements Announced to Facebook Jobs Tool

Facebook has announced improvements to the Facebook jobs tool ahead of the seasonal employee recruitment drive for the holiday season. The news comes a few months after Google launched its job search service in the UK.

The social media giant has announced three new additions to their jobs tool. They should make it easier for businesses to find the right people and manage the applications.

Share jobs in groups

Following on from the recent announcement from Facebook that Pages will be able to join and interact with Groups, they will also be able to post jobs listings in relevant groups as well. With organic reach being limited for Pages, this is a very useful way for businesses to get their job listings seen by the people they want and will save them from paying for promoting the post. It will also help job seekers who may be part of a job-seeking group and unaware of the business who are looking to hire.

Track applications more efficiently

Within the ‘Manage Jobs’ tab on a business Page, Facebook is introducing some new tools. They will allow businesses to track applications more efficiently as well as filter, sort and mark candidates as favourites. This will also be available on mobile so that businesses can mark their favourite candidates. They can then go back to it when they return to their computer.

Assign a Jobs Manager

The final addition is the ability to assign someone to the Jobs Manager role on your Page. You may not want your hiring manager to have full admin access on your Facebook Page. By assigning them the Jobs Manager role, they will be able to post jobs and manage incoming applications.

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