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HubSpot announces the launch of a new CMS - bolt
Hubspot Content Management System

HubSpot announces the launch of a new content management system

The software will allow HubSpot users to upload, edit and manage content from within the HubSpot platform. CMS Hub has been built with marketers in mind from the very beginning; ensuring it has everything needed for content management to be as efficient and valuable as possible.

CMS Hub will compete against the world’s leading content management systems including WordPress. HubSpot describes the need for their very own content management system as existing technologies become more difficult to use over time as more and more additions are made. HubSpot’s CMS will scale with businesses as they grow to reduce maintenance and management headaches. Instead, marketers and developers can focus on constantly improving the user experience for their customers.

For existing HubSpot users, CMS Hub can integrate with all HubSpot software on one platform. When working together, the marketing, sales, service CRM and CMS software allows businesses to create a remarkable experience and user journey that continues to delight customers.

Marketers are able to add content in a way that requires little input from developers or IT teams. CMS Hub gives SEO recommendations so you can report on your site’s performance and plan improvements to your digital marketing strategy. The testing function allows you to choose up to five variations of webpages and CMS Hub will tell you which is performing the best. The drag and drop editor function enables marketers to create pages and add content without the need for developers to hard code.

The platform is built with the purpose of developers being able to build using themes and structures that are flexible and easy to use. You can choose a pre-built theme and customise it with your own imagery, navigation and assets so your site is never inconsistent. Developers can switch between different language domains and manage each site with ease and accuracy. The CMS allows you to integrate other apps without a number of plugins slowing your site down.

The CMS is available in two tiers, Professional and Enterprise, for businesses to choose which system is right for their growth stage and future scalability. With the smaller Professional package, users gain access to the drag and drop editor, SEO recommendations, pre-built themes, report builder, multi-language creator and security monitoring. The larger Enterprise package includes everything from Professional with the addition of more brand domains, partitioning, testing, CDN configurations and even more features.

In a press release discussing the announcement of CMS Hub, Angela DeFranco, director of product management at HubSpot commented: “Marketers at growing companies have a lot of things to think about — their CMS should not be one of them. Most CMS platforms available today make website management more complicated and painful as time goes by. They put a limit on what’s possible. They have a ceiling. But rapidly scaling companies don’t. I’m delighted that with CMS Hub, we’re offering users a powerful system that removes unnecessary gatekeepers, democratizes the web management process, and makes it easy for them to execute their boldest ideas.”

Written by: Laura Greenhalgh
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