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How successful was Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2019? - Insights
Successful Black Friday & Cyber Monday

How successful was Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2019?

We have seen images in previous years of crowds queuing to get into shops to take advantage of their Black Friday deals. However, with more customers deciding to buy online, e-commerce company Shopify had an idea to show this. There are currently over one million businesses who use Shopify’s all-in-one commerce platform to sell and run their business online. With all this data available to them, Shopify showed a real-time visual of all the sales that were going through their platform. Over the weekend, the visual showed transactions taking place around the world and included facts around them, including high price purchases and long-distance purchases. It was also keeping track of the value of sales taking place per minute and the number of order that took place per minute. 

Shopify’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2019 stats

When Black Friday ended, Shopify released some interesting stats from their real-time tool. On Black Friday alone, Shopify merchants made over $900+ million in total sales. At its peak, sales per minute reached more than $1.5 million. Over 9.3 million people made a purchase via a Shopify merchant on Black Friday with 69% of the sales made on mobile. Shopify said on Monday morning that global data sales had passed $1.5 billion which was more than the sales for the whole weekend last year. By the time Shopify stopped pulling through data at the end of Cyber Monday in California, their merchants had sold $2.9+ billion. This is up from $1.8 billion last year.

Consumers spent $83.05 per order on average, with Canadians spending the most on average with $96.30 per order. Although consumers in the UK and France spent less on average per order with $67.01 and $66.86 respectively, they – along with Germany and Spain – were the top-selling countries worldwide. The most popular products with the most sales were Makeup, Mobile Phone Accessories and Coats & Jackets.

With Shopify taking commissions from all orders through their e-commerce platform, it’s been a very good weekend for them too!

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