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How popular is Black Friday and Cyber Monday in the UK? - Insights
Black Friday Cyber Monday

How popular is Black Friday and Cyber Monday in the UK?

Retailers and e-commerce businesses will have been planning for this weekend for months with engaging campaigns to ensure they attract customers to their stores and websites.

Are UK consumers still interested?

According to PwC, UK consumers claim to not be as interested this year as consumers in other European countries. PwC have found that 52% of UK consumers surveyed are interested this year. This is compared to 84% in Ireland and 81% in France. However, only 8% of UK consumers intend to ignore it completely. UK consumers who are interested are also expected to spend £21 more on average than last year. Men and 25-34 year-olds are expected to spend more on average this year, with an increase of £31 and £41 respectively.

Although Black Friday was originally in-store deals, purchases are now happening more often online. With Cyber Monday only a few days later, it’s important that websites are able to cope with the increased traffic. If your website is down when a consumer visits your site, you are likely to not see them again. Retailers and e-commerce businesses are now more prepared for the online rush and spread their deals over the week.

What’s the difference between Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

Black Friday falls on the day after Thanksgiving in America, so it changes every year. Cyber Monday is always the Monday after Black Friday. Now, Black Friday deals happen online as well as in-store which means scenes of customers storming shops are now rarely seen in the UK. However, Cyber Monday deals can only be found online.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Search Terms

We have used Google Trends to see how popular Black Friday and Cyber Monday is and to see what people have been searching over the last week. As we have mentioned, Black Friday deals this year have been online since last Friday. Searches since last Friday for ‘Black Friday’ has been relatively low, showing UK consumers haven’t carried out too much research in the run-up. Interest then rose at midnight and peaked at 6am this morning, which makes sense as UK consumers most likely looked online for deals before heading to work.



In the UK, searches in Northern Ireland were the most popular whilst the searches were least popular in England.



Search terms for Cyber Monday have been more popular over the past week than Black Friday. UK consumers may have been confused over when it was as the popularity for the search term peaked last Monday.



The most searches for ‘Cyber Monday’ over the last week has happened in Northern Ireland and England with the least in Scotland. This is surprising given consumers in England searched the least for ‘Black Friday’.



What are some of the most popular search terms?

Apart from Black Friday and Cyber Monday, what else are UK consumers searching for? Some of the most popular search terms that have been searched over the past 7 days include:

  • Black Friday deals
  • Black Friday 2019
  • Cyber Monday deals
  • Cyber Monday 2019
Written by: Thomas Coughlan
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