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HubSpot’s account based marketing software can help your business - bolt
Account based marketing

How HubSpot’s new account based marketing software can help your business

If you have a HubSpot CRM or are considering purchasing HubSpot, you will have seen the launch of their software module for account-based marketing activities yesterday. All those dreams of focused, targeted marketing campaigns specifically for your best fit accounts have come true!

Your best fit customer profiles are usually based on a number of key factors including value, industry and employees. Now, you can define those best fit customers and align your marketing activities with your sales efforts to better your business growth, deliver your message with purpose and engage your target clients properly.

What is account based marketing?

Account based marketing (ABM) brings together business, marketing and sales goals to focus on a strategic, personalised approach for accounts deemed good fit and high-value for your company. This marketing methodology works well because it creates a tailored buying experience for prospects, allowing you to engage and delight them.

Account based marketing allows for deeper relationships with prospects who truly feel you understand their goals and challenges. You can spend more quality time with these warmer prospects who you know are a good fit for your offering, whilst moving accounts that aren’t out of the pipeline, early in the process.

As your internal teams will be aligned on this whole process, they’ll be able to drive engagement faster through improved internal collaboration. Not only will your buying experience be enhanced and your reputation better off, you’ll see a much better return on investment (ROI). 

HubSpot account based marketing software

Build authentic engagement

The software itself has been designed specifically so all of your teams can achieve their goals together. Firstly, it allows for more meaningful engagement through personalised targeting. There is scope to align your ad campaigns on LinkedIn with your target level accounts through this integration. This piece will support brand awareness and allow for authentic engagement throughout your strategy.

The strategy itself is easily set up through the HubSpot workflows automation section. Here you can set up your target buyer profile and good fit accounts criteria. Through default properties, you can also tag buyer roles and ideal accounts through HubSpot’s recommendations, backed by artificial intelligence.

Improve internal efficiencies

ABM software is set up across both sales and marketing hubs within HubSpot, so it couldn’t be easier for teams to collaborate once tactics are being executed from your initial strategy. Through the intuitive dashboards and reporting, teams can clearly and quickly understand the progress of activities. The reporting offers clear insights into milestones, account journey’s and high level numbers.

It’s perfect for continuous improvement, allowing for further adaptations and priorities to be scoped from an agile approach. With this view of progress comes an opportunity for more individuals to get involved with account based marketing. They can support specific priority accounts and be utilised for the right tactics at the right time.

Create seamless integrations

As always, HubSpot have allowed for fundamental integrations to work hand in hand with the account based marketing software to allow you to get even more from your processes. Here are 15 of the best options to help you with this.

A major takeaway for me was the integration with Salesforce. Even if you use Salesforce CRM, you can still unlock HubSpot ABM software and cleverly map the data from your ABM campaigns into Salesforce. This would typically include key target account information as well as ideal buying roles within them. 

Selling to the best fit, high value accounts for your business doesn’t have to be difficult. This way of working is simpler and prevents any potential chaos between your sales team and marketing tactics. For a walkthrough demo on HubSpot account based marketing software, say hello@theboltway.com

Written by: Jamie Clifton
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