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How landing pages generate better leads - The Bolt Way
Landing pages generate better leads

How landing pages generate better leads

What is a landing page?

In digital marketing, a landing page is a page on your website that is designed to convert on-site visitors into leads. Its sole purpose is to provide all the necessary information regarding a specific product, service or offer. This is different from the other pages on your website as it is tailored and targeted to what your business is promoting.

A landing page is also important in terms of inbound marketing as it can provide a means for capturing email addresses as well. Depending on what you’re wanting to achieve from the landing page, you will then be able to add these contacts to any user journey workflows.

How does a landing page work?

For landing pages to work effectively they need to have an offer. It can be an offer of a product, a service or even a downloadable ebook. The offer ideally needs to be of interest to your ideal customer to be able to generate leads from this landing page.

There needs to be a call to action (CTA) on the landing page which relates to your offer. This could be as simple as ‘Get in touch’, or even ‘Download your free ebook’.

If it’s a call to action for the user to get in touch or to download an ebook, you need to make sure that a form is added to the CTA. Once the user has filled the form out, this converts them from a visitor to a lead. The information they have included on the form will then be stored in your CRM database which you can use to contact them or send any additional information.

What is the difference between landing pages and the web page?

A landing page is the first page that a visitor arrives at. It can technically be any page on your website but it is better to make sure that a landing page is targeted to what your goal is. Think of a landing page like you would an advertisement in a newspaper. It sparks interest in what you’re advertising but doesn’t include everything that you sell.

You don’t have to include it in the menu navigation or footer either. By not including it as a link on the actual website, you’re making the landing page only accessible through a specific campaign. For example, if you create a social media post and include this landing page URL in the campaign, you will know that everyone who came to this page saw it through your social media post. 

What are the benefits of using a landing page to generate better leads?

  1. One of the main benefits of using landing pages to generate better leads is the ability to increase conversions as part of a marketing campaign. Landing pages are specifically targeted and tailored to get visitors to take the certain action that you’re wanting them to, without any other distractions you would normally get on a website.
  2. Landing pages can also help your business establish credibility early and bring brand new customers into a growing business. As the focus of the landing page is specific, it can show the visitor that your business truly understands their challenges and has found a solution to help them.
  3. Building landing pages can also improve your brand awareness. This may not generate leads in the short-term but will improve the longevity for the quality of leads.
  4. If you have created a winning landing page that has improved the conversion of leads, this can also be a way to improve the overall marketing experience. If you don’t have the budget for going full hog into conversion rate optimisation tactics, a landing page easily lends itself as a testing page anyway. The content or tone of voice might have been different on the winning landing page, which gives you the opportunity to roll this out site-wide and improve our conversion rate further.
  5. As a landing page is more targeted than the website, more often than not it will follow SEO best practices – even if this wasn’t your aim. As the content on the landing page is specific, you will have used targeted keywords and because the page is simple and straightforward, it will also be search-friendly. This will organically bring more visitors to your site through the likes of Google, enhancing your leads further.

Now you understand just exactly why a landing page is better to generate leads than any website page. By following these simple steps to optimise your landing page further, you will be able to start seeing leads coming through to your CRM and generating growth for your business. If you need help to create effective landing pages for your website, please get in touch with bolt today.

Written by: Kate
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