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Google brings search results to life with augmented reality (AR) - bolt
AR Penguin 2

Google brings search results to life with AR

At last month’s I/O conference, Google announced that they were bringing the search results to life with augmented reality. The feature is now being rolled out with a number of animals including lion, giant panda and penguin. As long as you have an AR-enabled phone, a card will appear in the search results that says ‘Meet a life-sized [animal] up close’. You can then view the animal in 3D on your phone as well as then being able to ‘View in your space’. After moving your phone around for it to find the ground, the animal will then appear. You can then resize and move the animal around the space.

You can see example of a penguin below:

Scott Stein from Cnet has created a thread of the animals he has found but it’s worth searching yourself as people are finding other animals.

Google also confirmed that they are working on more practical things for the feature. The tech giant is working alongside NASA, New Balance, Samsung and Volvo along with others to create more AR content for the search results. Eventually, Google plans to give more businesses access to the same functionality. This will allow customers to see what a product would look like by searching for it in Google before they buy.

This isn’t the only AR feature Google is currently working on. They are also currently testing an AR navigation feature for Google Maps, where directions will appear through your phone’s camera in real time.

Google launches new Lens filters

Google has also launched five new Google Lens filters:

Shopping: Point your camera at clothes, furniture or home decor and you will see recommendations for similar products. If you scan the barcode, you will see the exact item.

Translate: Compatible with over 100 languages, you are now able to point your camera at text and an overlay will appear with the translation over the top of the original text.

Auto: Based on what you are pointing your camera at, recommendations will appear with relevant results.

Text: This filter allows you to copy text that you are pointing your camera at and paste it on your phone.

Dining: You are now able to point your camera at a menu and Google Lens will automatically tell you the most popular dishes. You can even click on them to find out what they look like and what other people have thought. When the bill comes, just point your camera at the receipt and it will automatically split the bill and calculate the tip.

Written by: Thomas Coughlan
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