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Facebook to Remove Certain Business Page Info Sections - Insights
Facebook Business Page

Facebook to Remove Certain Business Page Info Sections

Do you have a Facebook page for your company? If you do, there are some changes that will be taking place on 1st August. If you don’t currently have a page for your company, find out if one would be right for your company with our blog – Which social media platform is right for your business in 2019?

The change will see the removal of certain page information sections and was shared on Twitter by Matt Navara:

The sections that will be removed from your business page on August 1st are:

  • Company Overview
  • Mission
  • Biography
  • Affiliation
  • Personal Interests

The sections that are being removed can be found under the page’s “About” section. If you would like to keep any of this information on your page, you will need to ensure that you have moved it to your page description before they are removed. To edit the information, page admins can go to the page settings and find the information under “Page Info”.

It is understandable that Facebook is removing these sections from the page. If you have described what your business does in the page description, it’s likely that the “Company Overview”, “Mission” and “Biography” have probably been included and are either copy and pasted or reworded into the different sections. Regarding “Affiliation” and “Personal Interests”, how much value does this add to the page and visitors?  It’s likely that visitors to the page rarely look at these sections.

If you haven’t updated your Facebook Business Page in a while, now is a good time to do so to ensure you don’t lose any information you want to keep.

Written by: Thomas Coughlan
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