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Facebook is Updating Ads Manager and Business Manager

Facebook has announced a few updates to make its Ads Manager and Business Manager easier to use. An improved version of Ads Manager is currently being rolled out whilst the Business Manager updates will be released later in the year.

Ads Manager

The updated Facebook Ads Manager include:

  • Simplified navigation features
  • Cleaner interface
  • Updated campaign management experience
  • New navigation bar

The new navigation bar gives advertisers more space to manage campaigns as well as offering insight into ad performance and reporting tools.

Facebook is also offering more flexibility when creating ads with a copy and paste feature. Advertisers will also be able to quickly customise campaigns, ad sets and ad names with a new auto-naming feature.

There are also plans to launch more intuitive ad level creative and placement editing tools. However, these tools will not be available to most advertisers until next year.

There will also be a new, third bidding option for advertisers. Before, there only used to be the option to either focus on maximising conversion value – bid cap – or cost predictability – target cost. The new option – cost cap bidding strategy – combines the bid cap and target cost bidding to maximise both cost-efficiency and results. It gives advertisers the ability to control cost and also drive volume at the same time. The new bidding strategy is expected to be rolled out to advertisers throughout the year.

Business Manager

For Business Manager users, Facebook is planning on updating to let agencies activate their clients’ campaigns quicker. The updates will include:

  • An easier way to onboard new clients
  • An enhanced way for agencies to manage clients’ historical reports
  • A new way to organise and make assets accessible

Facebook has released these updates to improve the look and feel of the tools, as well as helping to make advertisers more efficient.

Written by: Thomas Coughlan

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