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Facebook now testing Augmented Reality advertisements - Insights
Facebook Augmented Reality

Facebook now testing Augmented Reality advertisements

Facebook has announced it is bringing augmented reality (AR) advertisements to the Facebook news feed. Earlier this year, Facebook announced it was working with businesses to use AR to advertise products in its messaging app. It has now expanded into the news feed, with a select number of advertisers getting access to the augmented reality advertisements.

The advertisements work like a virtual fitting room for the user. They let you virtually test items including fashion accessories, cosmetics, furniture and more. They look like normal ads in the news feed, but they come with a “tap to try it on” button. This then shows off the augmented reality capabilities. If you like what the product looks like, you can seamlessly go from the AR feature to purchasing it. Michael Kors was the first brand to test out the new advertisement feature. The advertisement allows users to browse their collection of sunglasses. They can then use their device’s camera to “put them on” and then purchase them if they wish to. Facebook said it has plans to roll out its AR ads to more users over 2018 but didn’t clarify any dates or say who will be given permission to use them.

Ty Ahmad-Taylor, VP of product marketing and global marketing solutions at Facebook, said that the introduction of AR advertisements should give shoppers a new experience by taking them from product discovery to shopping instantly. “People now expect a personalized and visually inspiring experience wherever they shop — whether they’re on their phone or in-store.”

Shopping on Instagram Stories is going global

Seeing as we’re on the retail topic, Facebook has announced its ‘Shopping on Instagram Stories’ feature is going global. Shopping on Instagram gives your business a storefront for customers to view your products. With over 400 million daily active stories users, and with 80 per cent of Instagram accounts following a business, it is difficult to hide from the feature.

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Written by: James Coughlan

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