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Facebook And Instagram Introduce A Time Limit Tool - Insights
Time managing tool

Facebook And Instagram Introduce A Time Limit Tool

Facebook and Instagram have announced this week the launch of a new time managing tool. This new feature will help users to manage how much time they spend on both apps.

This announcement comes after general concerns that excessive social media use can have a negative effect on mental health.

How the tool works

The new tool consists on an activity dashboard where users can follow and track how much time they actually spend on both, Facebook and Instagram, as well as with a newly added feature to help monitor app usage. Better explained, users will now have the option to check how much time they’ve spent scrolling. They can set a reminder for when they’ve used their allotted time and turn off notifications for a set time.

These tools can be accessed on the settings page on each app. Search for ‘Your Activity’ on Instagram, or ‘Your Time on Facebook’ on Facebook.

What Facebook has to say

Facebook said it aims for time spent by its users to be positive, intentional and inspiring.  “It’s our responsibility to talk openly about how time online impacts people — and we take that responsibility seriously. These new tools are an important first step, and we are committed to continuing our work to foster safe, kind and supportive communities for everyone,” writes Facebook’s director of research, David Ginsberg, and Instagram’s product management director, Ameet Ranadive.

The company has also added another function to Instagram. ‘You’re all caught up’ feature lets it’s users know when they have seen all the posts in their feed.

Facebook is not the only one to introduce a time managing tool

The announcement by the giant social media platform follows another initiative by Google to roll out features into Android P that will help people to restrict the time they spend on their devices. Apple has also announced tools to decrease push notifications and stop specific notifications from popping up at certain times.

Both Facebook and Instagram are working on their digital efforts to be viewed with the same positivity as a few years ago.

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Written by: James Coughlan
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