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Top 3 E-commerce trends to dominate in 2019 - Insights
trends to boost SEO

E-Commerce SEO Trends For 2019

As mentioned in our blogs about SEO, search engine algorithms continuously change.  Because of this, some companies could drop places in search engine result pages and even off the first page entirely overnight when a new algorithm is released. Therefore, it’s especially important for e-commerce companies who rely on customers seeing their page on search engines to keep up to date with the latest trends.

Voice Search

Perhaps the biggest e-commerce SEO trend that is only going to grow in 2019 is the rise of voice search. Recent studies show that one in five searches come from voice searches and 40% of millennials have used a voice assistant in the course of making a purchase. All android devices have Google Assistant whilst all Apple devices have Siri. To ensure your website is optimised for voice searches, you should not just focus on keywords that someone might type into a search box. You should also focus on what someone will ask their voice assistant and ensure your content has long tail keywords.

Create a Positive User Experience

User experience has always been important for SEO rankings. Google and other search engines want to show websites at the top of their SERPS that deliver great user experiences. Even if users find your website via a search engine, they won’t stay there if the user experience is bad. You can expect to lose around 40% of your visitors if your webpage takes more than three seconds to load. Not only are you losing potential customers, but you are also helping your competitors gain customers. It is not just page speed that affects the user experience on your e-commerce site. Your customer journey should be easy to follow so users are able to find what they are looking for.

To ensure the content is readable, it should not be stuffed with keywords as you try to rank for them. With the increase of searches via mobile, e-commerce sites need to ensure that their websites are optimised across all devices.

Website Security

Customers have become more aware of secure websites and are more likely to stay on a website that is secure. As e-commerce sites deal with customers’ sensitive data, having an HTTPS site will show your customers that your site is safe to share their data with you. Google and other web browsers are also pushing companies to migrate their websites from HTTP to HTTPS by trying to make having a secure website the norm and warning users when they land on HTTP sites. Google is also rewarding HTTPS sites by giving them a small boost in their SEO.

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Written by: Thomas Coughlan
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