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What are the digital marketing trends of 2018 - Insights
Digital marketing trends 2018

Digital Marketing Trends of 2018

Let’s take a quick look at the key digital marketing trends of 2018 so far. We will also look at how they may affect your business.

Social Media Videos

Billions of hours of video are watched each day on social media platforms. That is a stat that is only going to increase in the next year. Another trend that is growing with this is the use of mobile to watch videos. It is important to move some of the focus to mobile video marketing to really capitalise on this trend.


Influencers are becoming more and more prominent, you can even dress up as one for Halloween if you like. The cost of influencers is billions of pounds each year. They prove to be valuable for brands, when celebrities or prominent social media users post content of them using a product or brand, their followers tend to respond by purchasing said product or brand. A process that is being made easier with shopping links featuring more on social media. However, with the awareness of them increasing, the criticism of some of them has increased, especially when the product placement in photos has been less than subtle. It is important to get the mix just right, there is a fine line between powerful influencer marketing and overly obvious product placement.


You may remember in May getting an onslaught of emails from various companies that had your details and had to now declare that fact. From now on, companies must inform customers what information they plan to keep and why. There is a hefty fine for companies who aren’t GDPR compliant.


As featured on Instagram and Facebook, stories are short clips that capture the highlight of a day that appears temporarily. This taps into social media users’ FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out), as well as being a fun way to show small clips of your company’s day to day life.

Want to find out more about digital marketing trends of 2018?

This is just a snippet of the biggest digital marketing trends of 2018. If you want to keep up to date with the latest news in digital marketing, you can follow our social media pages. Alternatively, you can talk to one of our experts.

Written by: Thomas Coughlan
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