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Why is content speed and agility so important? - Insights
Content speed and agility

Why is content speed and agility so important?

Given the accessibility and reach of the internet, there really is no greater era to be part of than this one. It’s so inspiring having the opportunity to constantly sit in front of innovation, risk and purpose that all came from ‘that beer after work’ that sparked an opportunity. But how many people know about that purpose that you’re so passionate about?

There’s so many amazing projects, startups and established companies doing great things. One thing I’m noticing though is there is a common theme occurring – a struggle to tell people about it. Content speed to market is something that can be done in your hands and at the click of a button.

Being agile and reactive to what is happening on a daily basis is key. Yes, we all have proactive content where there is no necessary rush and it’s worth doing properly as part of a wider strategy. But what about there and then?

Storytelling is authentic, cuts through the noise and shows your audience who you really are. Sharing content that is real, unplanned and shows a hint of personality is far more compelling than the morbid piece that’s been through various hands and a few rounds of compliance.

Here are my top tips for driving content to market at speed:

Utilise video

Smartphones are embedded within our culture and have brilliant cameras. Ensure you aren’t stood on the verge of a motorway, though! You can distribute this via various digital means including your website and social media.

Keep your conversational content flowing

Push your social media content past posts about your brand, give some free knowledge and encourage engagement. Likewise, engage in other brands content too.

Focus on trends

Every day there should be something new for you to jump on and provide your respective opinion; posting content at speed in a few clicks.

Most importantly

Don’t worry about what people will think, your brand isn’t going to please everyone anyway – the right people will advocate your opinions and buy into your brand purpose.

Authentic wins every time, bring the faces behind your brand to the fore and let people buy from people! Be agile and celebrate by telling your audience everyday stories through reactive content creation.

Written by: Jamie Clifton

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Written by: Jamie Clifton
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