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5 reasons WordPress can benefit your business - Insights

Is WordPress good for my business?

The question that everyone in modern-day business is asking. What is WordPress and how does it help my website?

There was a time when businesses and entrepreneurs needed to find a developer just to make minor changes to their websites and content. But then WordPress was created and websites were easier to manage without additional help. For the last 16 years, WordPress has been at the tip of the tongue of most developers and business owners alike. The foundation was started as a simple content management software to handle the likes of small independent blogs. Hence its name.

Since then, rapid growth has seen WordPress grow to cover a much wider audience. An audience that perhaps founders Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little didn’t see coming.

Here are 5 reasons WordPress can benefit your business

  1. WP handles some of the most sophisticated 3rd party plugins (48,500+), which allows businesses to grow and utilise the most up to date software integrations, directly into their website.
  2. Completely customisable.  Developers like ourselves build WP sites with complete flexibility and control, which means regardless of your demands a good team of developers can help build your dream website.
  3. WP is super easy to edit. Simple to use tools like Gutenberg and other page building tools give you full access to your pages and posts. This means you can head into the site with no development knowledge and edit sections whenever you feel like it.
  4. Kick start your SEO. WordPress and its 70 contributors have made exceptional efforts to ensure that your site is set up with google rankings in mind. Which means with some time and knowledge you can climb the ladder and be found by your target audience.

Whether you want to build your own website, or a specialist to build you one, WordPress is the right option. Complete control, frequent updates and modern security can assure you that you have chosen one of, if not the most stable and sustainable content management systems in the world.

Written by: James Coughlan
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