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Business Travel Marketing – Stepping out of the Norm

There are many industries that can relate to this. Key players all with the same messaging, including the same buzzwords, just in a different order. Likewise, adopting many of the same colour schemes, lazy stock imagery, ‘company values’ and poor content.

Business Travel is one of the latest to follow suit. There is a distinct lack of social proof throughout a market that still feels slightly unknown to many, despite huge travel spends by many well-known brands from varying sectors in this space. There is still a very traditional approach to marketing, in an industry that is very close-knit, and no real key players that are ready to be disruptive and challenge the norm.

Safe marketing is only going to get you so far. In order to pull away from your market or nearest competitors, you have to be different. If you aren’t, what are your key drivers that would see prospects choose you over those closest to you? Adopting new methods of inbound marketing, including video, great written content and events in order to drive trusted clients to your door are all still lacking.

Be proud of the brand you are developing. Take control of your communications and what you stand for. Get loads of content out on social media, e-mail, your website. Give people a platform to trust your business travel brand in a very competitive space. There are lots of other business travel companies to choose from. Remember to be clear, concise and authentic in all of your content.

There are many common challenges that the whole market will inevitably be addressing. Show how you address them. Again, be satisfied with your client relationships, so much so that you would advertise them in your shop window. Give your client experience away. That is ultimately what will drive attraction. Showing them what it feels like to be a client rather than telling them with the same spiel that every other vendor is using.

Put them in your client’s shoes. The right prospects will come, and best of all they will be more loyal to your brand and become advocates. The perfect end result.

  • Adopt an omnichannel digital approach
  • Social proof to the max
  • Place the client experience before yourselves
  • Communicate your key values and back it up

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Written by: Jamie Clifton
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