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bolt is now a HubSpot Gold Partner Agency - Insights
hubspot gold partner

bolt is now a HubSpot Gold Partner Agency

It’s been less than a month since bolt became a HubSpot Solutions Partner agency. Since that time we’ve fully integrated the inbound methodology into the bolt way of thinking and working. We’re now pleased to announce that bolt has just become a HubSpot Gold Partner Agency. This is a huge achievement for bolt and confirms the effort we’re putting in to learn and adopt the HubSpot platform is really paying off for us.

Since the beginning of March 2020, we’ve seen significant growth in our clients’ marketing and sales performance. The bolt team has truly taken to HubSpot and learnt so much from the platform already; adopting it into our everyday workings. This commitment has enabled us to delight our clients and their customers even more. After sharing our passion for HubSpot and what it can do for your business, many of our clients have realised the value of HubSpot and joined the platform with us.

It’s great to see that our clients are fully onboard with the HubSpot inbound marketing platform and want to integrate it into their way of working too. With HubSpot, we can fully align across the board to guarantee your sales and marketing performance is the best it can possibly be.

Jamie, head of commercial and strategy, explains: “With so much choice and noise in our industry, it’s a tough marketplace for buyers. We want to be the first place that C-Level, Sales, Marketing and Customer Success decision-makers come for help with long term growth, so we need to have the necessary fundamentals in place to make their decision easier. HubSpot is one of those fundamental building blocks of our successful growth programs. People, technology and process all play a part though and we’re delighted that we’re making big improvements on all fronts.”

What is a Gold partner agency?

You’re probably wondering what being a Gold partner agency means and how it differs from the other HubSpot tiers. By being a Gold partner agency, bolt now has access to lots more resources on the HubSpot platform. With these resources, we can continue to delight our clients and their customers with even more knowledge and tools in our kit.

bolt’s digital inbound lead, Ellie, comments further: “The bolt team is really enjoying using HubSpot for our marketing activities. We’re making the most of the certifications and courses to improve our professional development and learn as much as we can about HubSpot and inbound marketing.”

By taking our HubSpot expertise even further and demonstrating its benefits to our clients, we hope to continue growing at this pace. We want to bring even more clients onboard the inbound marketing methodology and transform your digital marketing and sales offering.

One of the benefits of being a Gold partner agency we’re looking forward to the most is the ability to contribute to the HubSpot users’ blog. The bolt team can now share our content with the wider HubSpot community. We’ve got lots of thoughts, ideas and opinions at the ready to use the HubSpot users’ blog to connect with like-minded inbound agencies.

What does this mean for bolt?

We’re very proud of the bolt team and how far we’ve come in such a short period of time. Our progress on the HubSpot platform really showcases our commitment to growth through the inbound methodology. We can ensure we keep putting the customer first and delivering a journey that focuses on solving their problems and pain points. With this kind of customer satisfaction, our clients can build and maintain strong relationships with users that genuinely love your brand.

Conor Higgins, HubSpot channel manager, comments: “It’s great to see the progress bolt has made in such a short period of time. It’s clear to see the dedication they have to growing client businesses using the HubSpot toolkit. Clients have really taken notice of the value that bolt provides and how HubSpot can elevate their sales and marketing programs. We’re looking forward to evolving our partnership with bolt and watching their future impact as a growth agency.”

Written by: Laura Greenhalgh
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